"This is science fiction, but it is also so much more. Time travel with a difference; it’s plausible. The protagonists are wonderful characters, flaws and all.  A great story, full of adventure, action and event, but also brimming with philosophy and scientific theory that’s readily accessible. A moral tale with many twists and turns to reach a conclusion as surprising as it is inevitable."

"Very interesting tale. Generally, time travel is hard to keep track of and can become fairly tricky, but this book pulls it off and the story is very easy to follow. I just kept thinking that this book would make a great series/movie. I can’t wait to read more from this author."

Kirkus Reviews

"A complex thriller that offers new revelations up until the very end.  The book’s science-fiction element drives the major plot twists, but the most engaging scenes are those in which readers learn the real relationships and histories between the characters." 

"If you like science fiction which doesn't just tell a story, but probes the difficult interface between scientific, social and ethical areas, this could be the book for you. I certainly really enjoyed it."

"...pure exhilaration.  The authors’ prose is, like the book overall, intelligent and comprehensive, especially with chic terminology like 'gravity wake,' a field created by accelerated particles, the essence of traversing space-time. Complex scientific notions in a story format prove equally entertaining and perceptive."

Riveting, Time-Twisting Sci-Fi

"I completely enjoyed reading this book and I LOVE that a female is the leader and ‘hero’ of this book.  If you like realistic style futuristic books, I highly recommend this one!"

Praise for the earlier collaboration of MF Thomas & Nicholas Thurkettle

Seeing by Moonlight

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In 2038, the human race is in a death spiral, and most people do not even know it yet. Technology that was supposed to make us better and stronger instead is birthing a strange and terrible plague we may not be able to stop. When the young daughter of Josh Scribner, a wealthy tech entrepreneur, starts to succumb to the illness, he dedicates his fortune in a desperate effort to save her life. Working with a friend & celebrated physicist, Josh develops the ability to send objects back through time. Their goal to recruit an agent in the past who might change our fatal path. 

In our present day, a broken and traumatized Air Force veteran finds a strange message in the woods, drawing her into an adventure spanning decades. All humanity is at stake, as she and her small group of friends become the unlikely heroes taking up the secret fight against our future doom. 

MF Thomas and Nicholas Thurkettle, authors of the acclaimed sci-fi thriller Seeing by Moonlight, are back with this riveting, time twisting adventure that asks if our own destiny can be healed.​

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